April 12, 2012

Turkey Has Become World's Leading Hotspot Of Honor Killings

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Such a nice woman/gay/lesbian, it would be a shame if you shame us~Turkey


So Gov Perry was on to something
…after the Islamists came to power in 2002 and opened the gates of gradual Islamization of Turkey, after 8 decades of strict secular rule, Turkey has risen to be the world’s “number one honor killing country“, with a killing rate 5 times higher than that of Pakistan, known to be notorious for honor killing[...]

In Pakistan, notorious for honor killing, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan recorded 943 cases of such killings in 2011, and about 100 less in 2010. That means Turkey had about double the number of honor killings in 2009 as compared the number honor-killed in Pakistan in 2011. Given Pakistan has a population of 177 million as compared to Turkey’s 75 million, Turkey has an honor-killing rate, which is greater than 5 times higher than that of Pakistan. So, undoubtedly, Turkey is the number one country in the world in terms of total number of honor killings happening every year, and its honor-killing rate is also nearly at the top amongst all countries in the world[More..]

"There's no honor in killing" top Judge tells Muslim family..

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