April 11, 2012

Al Qaeda Finds Yet Another Reason to Make Empty Threat Against the UK

Al Qaeda is back .. and this time, it's personal:

In a statement signed by Al-Qaeda’s general command and published on jihadist forums, the terror network said Abu Qatada’s extradition would “open the gates of evil” on “Britain and its citizens everywhere.”

“We warn the British government against extraditing Sheikh Abu Qatada to Jordan,” where he faces terror charges, said the statement, which called on London to “act with reason and wisdom … or it will regret it.”

I think my initial snark for this post was to observe that al Qaeda had been threatening the UK for any other number of reasons, so what's the big deal here?

And then, I just realized that the real snark here is the observation that Abu Qatada claims that he was not a member of al Qaeda ... and here is al Qaeda threatening the UK if they deport him to Jordan. But, you know, he's not a member or anything. Never has been ......

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