April 06, 2012

Navy F18 Crashes in Virginia Beach (Update: Images, Livestream of crash site)


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - The Navy confirms to WAVY.com that an F18 jet has crashed in Virgnia Beach Friday afternoon.

Grazia Moyers, spokeswoman for the Virginia Beach Police Department, told WAVY.com just before 12:30 p.m. what police believe is a military aircraft has gone down.

Commander Rosi with the Navy told WAVY.com the plane was an F18 Strike fighter squadron 106. Rosi added two aircrew safely ejected from the plane that was based in Oceana.

Will update when info becomes available.

Update: NeoGaf forum appears to have pictures of the crash site. Prayers no one was injured or killed as it appears the jet crashed into a apartment complex.

Here is one of their images:

F18_crash site.jpg

Update II: Wow, another photo via @jeffemanuel:[below fold due to size]

Update III: Besides Wavy's Live Stream, excellent live updates at Gizmodo. Here are a couple:

Update 1:41 PM EDT: A Norfolk police officer wrote in to say he's gotten word from his fellow officers on the scene: "Three or four apartments completely destroyed."

Update 2:06 PM EDT: Virginian-Pilot reporter Sarah Hutchins has some disquieting news:

Pure chaos out here. Still lacking basic info about any casualties. Officials have not gone into apartment complex yet.

Update 2:10 PM EDT: NBC 12 says five civilians are now being treated for injuries in addition to the two pilots.

Wow, WAVY livestream showing the crash site here

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