April 05, 2012

They Don't Speak For Us

Republican Party Chair: “War on Women” Talk Completely Bogus

[I]n a taped interview that will air this weekend on Bloomberg News, the chairman of the Republican Party is repudiating the Obama administration and top Democrats who claim there is a “war on women” because Republicans are pushing a bill that would stop the Obama HHS mandate.

The mandate, which requires religious groups to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions for their employees, has drawn strong opposition from pro-life groups because of its pro-abortion and anti-conscience problems. That opposition has led to a backlash from Democrats and pro-abortion groups claiming conservatives and pro-life advocates are engaging in a “war on women.”[More..]

Meanwhile, a conservative women’s group, Smart Girl Politics Action, has launched “They Don’t Speak for Us,” a new video asking women to put the conversation back on real issues important to women.

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Liberal bitches definitely don't speak for me!

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