April 05, 2012

Good Grades Through Good Sex

Couple Embrace.jpg

(Mannheim, Germany) A free callboy service is being offered to female students at the University of Mannheim to relieve stress from the pressures of school.
As a business model, it's a win-win formula: Two potential partners set out to profit from a mutual transaction. That must be how the three business students from the University of Mannheim in southwestern Germany, who call themselves Oskar, Christopher and Julius, imagined things to be when they decided to offer their services by creating what could best be described as a free brothel.

They offer stressed-out, female students uncomplicated and anonymous one-night stands.[…]

They call their project Bib:Love -- a reference to the first letters of the German word Bibliothek, meaning library -- and the slogans which they have plastered on posters around the university's campus promise "Good Grades through Good Sex."

Reportedly, five callboy one-night stands have occurred to date in Mannheim while other franchises of Bib:Love are being contemplated in Tübingen and Ulm.

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