April 03, 2012

Occupy Lotto! I Won! I Won!

Down with the 1%

Mega Millions mania has plunged a Maryland McDonald’s into a bubbling cauldron of controversy hotter than a deep-fried apple pie.


Workers at the fast-food joint who pooled their cash for tickets are furious at a colleague who claims she won with a ticket she bought for herself and has no intention of sharing.

“We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The ‘winning’ ticket] wasn’t on the group plan,” McDonald’s “winner’’ Mirlande Wilson 37, told The Post yesterday, insisting she alone bought one of the three tickets nationwide that will split a record $656 million payout.

I bet last week she was all for spreading the wealth. No?

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Update: Press conference scheduled:

Can one even assume that today is the day that Ms Wilson finds the courage to collect her winnings? The day she confesses that she has no winning ticket? Or that she has a sudden change of heart and is now willing to share the money or that she simply wishes to make up with everyone and resume her old life before this weekend’s fiasco arrived at her doorstep (where one can come across camped out journalists)?
Popcorn please.

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