April 02, 2012

White House To Welcome Former Terror Group Leader And Accused Human Organ Trafficker

Joe Biden will welcome Hashim Thaçi to the White House this week. Thaçi is accused of operating a human organ trafficking crime ring that murdered Serbs and then harvested and sold their organs in the years leading up to the Kosovo War.

Thaçi was also the leader of the KLA - the Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA (also known as UÇK) was a radical Islamic terrorist group accused of inhumane cruelty, rapes, torture, murders, and human rights violations. The media, at the time, opted to ignore these reports and instead focus on Serbian "concentration camps" that later turned out to be false.

The KLA was officially disbanded in 1999, but the group's leadership is still very active in Kosovar politics.

From my own blog archives:

A Muslim youth snaps a picture of his friend urinating into the ruins of a church freshly destroyed by other Muslims (Kosovo, 2004).

Notice the church columns were tagged with the UÇK logo years after the organization was supposedly disbanded.

I blogged extensively about Kosovo before joining The Jawa Report. You can read some of the background of the KLA terrorist organization and the Kosovo War HERE.

Below the fold, graphic images of KLA atrocities.

A uniformed KLA soldier shows off his trophies. The young boy to his left is his son.



Other disturbing abuses committed by KLA and Kosovo militants HERE.

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