April 02, 2012

Enhanced Police Video Shows Wounds On Zimmerman

ABC News was one of the first to declare the video, when initially released, showed no signs of injury to Zimmerman. To their credit, ABC News is now reporting that an enhanced version of the video does appear to show some marks on Zimmerman's head that could be cuts:

Some liberal media outlets, which initially headlined the video as not showing any marks, have not even bothered amend or update the new video evidence. Still others have updated, but as a side story.

MSNBC reluctantly admitted the appearance of wounds, but then questioned how much bodily harm Zimmerman should have endured before using deadly force. Chris "Tingles" Matthews also wants to know if Zimmerman, while being beaten, gave Martin a warning or just fired without a warning.

Chris "Tingles" Matthews should be reminded that even a single punch can be lethal.

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