March 31, 2012

#Toulouse - Merah Linked to Belgium Jihadis: Here's Looking At You Censored31

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CNN has a lengthy report on the background of Merah: How did Mohammed Merah become a jihadist?

Besides the French and Belgium authorities complete failure, after all they knew about Merah, in preventing these killings, this stands out the most as far as al-Qaeda loving, Belgian jihadist, Censored31 is concerned. [emphasis mine]:

A family with jihadist connections

Merah's path to radicalism remains murky but appears to have been influenced by family connections. His mother is married to Sabri Essid, a member of a Toulouse network that tried to recruit fighters to join al Qaeda in Iraq. Essid was convicted in a French court in 2009 after being detained in Syria in 2006 where he was running an al Qaeda safe house.

According to French security officials, Merah tried to visit his stepfather in prison in 2008 and sent him money.

His brother Abdelkader was also suspected of involvement in the same network but not charged. He has now been charged with complicity in the recent spate of murders.

A senior Belgian counterterrorism official has told CNN that Abdelkader Merah first came to their notice during a joint investigation in 2008 with French police into a Brussels, Belgium-based jihadist recruitment network. The network was sending Belgian and French militants to Cairo en route to join militants in Iraq -- and may also have connected Europeans to jihadist groups in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.

@anjemchoudary must be so proud. His teachings has lead to a lot of murders.


Confirmed: Censored31 was arrested
Belgian Salafi Muslim Firebombs Shia Mosque Murders Imam

There is an active Salafi community in Belgium. The most famous of which is an Ansar al-Mujahideen forum member and well known online Jihadi called Censored31

Abdelkader Merah, Mohammad Merah's Brother Charged with Complicity for Terror Attacks on France

Islamist Responsible For France School Shootings, Suspect Named Mohammed Merah Surrounded, Shooter Claims Belongs to al Qaeda.
French Murderer for al-Qaeda Dead.
Toulouse Killer Had History Of Violence.
Mother Warned French Authorities About Mohammed Merah Two Years Ago!
Brother of French Terrorist "Proud" He Killed.

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