March 30, 2012

'He Has Stolen Our Prick!'


In Nigeria, a good Samaritan assisted a man in a wheelchair only to discover the handicapped man stole his penis! When he began beating the man, presumably to get his penis back, other men rushed to defend the crippled man.

However, no good deed goes unpunished. As they helped the victim back into his wheelchair, they discovered that their penises (peni?) had been stolen as well!

“The shouts of, he has stolen our prick rented the air, which attracted great crowd, some of whom joined now in beating the Hausa cripple and eventually succeeded in burning his wheelchair”, they further told our reporter.

Before he could be lynched, police reportedly arrived on the scene and took them, that is, the four boys and the cripple to the Divisional Police station, Kala, along Mile 4, Ikwerre Road, Port Harcourt.

Visual examines confirmed all four penises were still intact on their rightful owners, though the men did complain their restored organs were now "lifeless." A medical examine indicated all four men were physically normal. No word on their mental conditions.

Hat Tip: Anorak

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