March 28, 2012

Woman Cries Foul After Giving Away Winning Lottery Ticket

From FNC:

A California woman’s generosity may have cost her $260,000, without her knowing it.

Emily Leach, a nurse at a veterans affairs hospital in Palo Alto who is still celebrating a $1 million Lotto win earlier this year, says she inadvertently handed a stranger her second winning Lotto ticket, The Mercury News reported.

She says last Friday she handed $100 bill to a man standing behind her on line at Liquor & Tobacco, a convenience store in Mountain View, Calif., the paper reported. But she told the paper that she accidentally mixed up a winning $260,000 lottery ticket with the money that she handed a man who appeared to be struggling financially.

Fox News Channel on television actually ran the surveillance video. The woman quite deliberately gave away the two tickets. It doesn't appear to me to be an accident, but more of a case of regret.

I'll post video as soon as I can find it. I checked Youtube and Fox but didn't see it up yet.

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