March 27, 2012

Toulouse Terrorist's Father Threatens To Sue France For Killing His Son

The nerve of this jackass. He obviously failed as a father to instill any sense of decency and morality in his son, now he wants to sue the government for failing to arrest his son:

The father of Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah on Tuesday said he planned to take the French state to court – for killing his son and failing to take him alive.

Benanel Merah told FRANCE 24 that police besieging his son’s Toulouse flat “could have used sleep-inducing gas and taken him like a baby.”

“Why were they so hasty?” he asked. “Why did they kill him? He could have been sentenced to many years in prison or even a life sentence. There is no death penalty in France.”

Hopefully, the families of Merah's victims will sue the father, not only for raising such a beast but also for failing to notify the authorities about his son's extremist views.

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