March 24, 2012

Brother of French Terrorist "Proud" He Killed

Mohamed Merah's brother, Abdelkader, described as an Islamic fundamentalist says he's proud that little bro killed a few apostates and Jews:

Le Point news weekly and other French media reported him as telling investigators he had no knowledge of his brother's acts, but that he was "proud" of them.
But don't worry, religion had absolutely nothing to do with it. Merah's uncle tells us this, so it must be true:
"Religion has nothing to do with this. He got worked up all by himself," the brother of Merah's mother, whose identity was withheld, said.
I don't blame all of Islam. But you'd have to be pretty stupid to believe that Merah's particular brand of the religion of peace was the prime motivator here. To deny that would be to deny reality.

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