March 22, 2012

Toulouse Killer Had History Of Violence

Despite some claims that Mohammed Merah was "polite, gentle, and courteous" (scroll down to 12:35), a neighbor has come forward saying Merah threatened her and her family.

In one incident, Merah gave her 15-year-old son a quran and then forced him to watch beheading videos. She filed a complaint with police, who did nothing:

The mother filed a complaint with the police, which according to her caused Merah to become upset. “He came to the front of our home, threatened me and hit me. He said that I was an atheist and that I must pay like all the rest of France’s citizens,” she said.

She further stated that Merah claimed he would “wipe out all those who kill Muslims.” She stated that two days after the incident, Merah struck her son and daughter in the presence of eyewitnesses. However, no one intervened. The mother still has a copy of the complaint that was filed, as well as her daughter’s medical documents.

The woman also stated that the “true mind” behind the suspect was his brother Abdelkader, who is currently in police custody. “It is he who brainwashed [Merah] and often flew out of France,” she said.

Abdelkader is ion a path to become a great Islamic leader or Imam. That is, he appears to be good at motivating others to commit violence but he himself keeps his hands clean. In other words, a coward.

It reminds me of their prophet, Muhammad. He would preach the glory of martyrdom, but he made certain he was never in a position to be martyred himself. Not only did he distance himself from the battlefield, but he took extra precautions to ensure his own safety, such as wearing two coats of mail, surrounding himself with bodyguards willing to die for him, and retreating to nearby mountains when the fighting became too intense.

The great example for Muslims to follow.

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