March 22, 2012

Arab Spring! We made the revolution and they got the power

They, of course, are the dour men and women of Ennahda, Tunisia's version of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“It is a fascist party,” Sghayier continued. “They tried to convince people they're just defending religion and they won the election that way, but they have a fascist program. They said if they win they will create 500,000 jobs for unemployed people, but they gave the ministry of employment to a different party. Nothing happened. They're not even trying. It's a fascist party because it's protecting the Salafists and other extremists. We don't only have the Salafists here, we also have Hizb ut-Tahrir. The interior minister did not even move his finger when the Tunisian national flag was attacked at Manouba University by Salafists. Last week, on March 7, they took down our country's flag and replaced it with their black flag.”

He was referring to the black Salafist flag, the same one used by the bloody Abbasid caliphate and al-Qaeda.

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