March 21, 2012

UN Tweet Partly Responsible For Toulouse Massacre?

Anorak asks, "Did UN worker’s anti-Israel tweet provoke Mohammed Merah to murder?"

I think that's a very good question. Mohammed Merah claims he killed the Jewish children in revenge 'for deaths of Palestinian children'.

Just over a week ago, a UN national officer who tweets under the name @KhuloodBadawi posted a picture of a bloodied Palestinian girl. @KhuloodBadawi falsely attributed the killing to Israel:


In fact, the little girl had been mortally injured in a car accident back in 2006.

But did the image of a dead Palestinian child and a UN officer claiming the cause was Israeli attacks incite Mohammed Merah to execute little Miriam Monsonego?

Someone Set Us Up The Bomb
IDF: Gaza photos proven false

Update by SH: One of the Forsane Alizza's webpages latest link here shows they were following the "propaganda" developments in Gaza at the time. As an IDF spokesperson commented the photo was proven false but it spread like wildfire.

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