March 17, 2012

American Hostage Released in Iraq

Muqtada al Sadr's militiamen say they've released an American "soldier" they've been holding captive for the past nine months. The problem? There are no missing US soldiers in Iraq!

So this guy seems most likely to be a civilian. I think the closest we'll come to a "soldier" is maybe a private security contractor. If that's right, then I wonder if his firm paid a ransom?

The United Nations mission in Iraq says it has taken custody of a man whom two Shiite lawmakers described as a U.S. citizen who was held captive by an Iraqi militia....

Senior Sadrist official Abdul Hadi al-Mutairi said the man was a U.S. soldier named Michael Hill. But the U.S. Army said it does not know of any unaccounted for troops in Iraq. According to some media reports, the man said he was working in a civilian capacity at the time of his abduction.

Since Sadr answers to the Iranians, I can't help but wonder if the alternative to a ransom might be some sort of gesture by the Mullahs?

Update by Howie: Here is video of a press conference held by the Iraqis.

Hat Tip: Dr. Rusty Shackleford.

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