March 13, 2012

Belgian Salafi Muslim Firebombs Shia Mosque Murders Imam

I saw this story breaking last night.

The Sun: RUSSELS (March 13, 2012): An axe-wielding arsonist burst into a Shiite Belgian mosque Monday, killing the imam and destroying much of the building in an attack local Muslims tipped as the work of Sunni extremists.

Police said the man, detained after mosque personnel trapped him inside the building, apparently used fuel to set fire to the Rida mosque near Brussels' international rail hub, killing 46-year-old father-of-four Abdallah Dadou.

The victim, who died of smoke inhalation, was described by worshipper Abdel Adouzeyneb, a 39-year-old real estate agent, as "a person who was loved by everybody -- he was open, well integrated, smiling and happy."

A second person who was with the victim at the time of the attack was lightly injured.

Police were unable to immediately name the suspect as he lacked identity papers, but authorities said the man described himself as a Muslim born in 1978. Authorities are investigating his motives and whether he had accomplices.

Azzedine Laghmich, an official at the mosque, told AFP the attacker was "a Salafist," who sprayed petrol inside the mosque before setting it alight and shouting Sunni slogans on his way out -- cries related to the conflict in Syria.

"All the eyewitness accounts said so," Laghmich added.

There is an active Salafi community in Belgium. The most famous of which is an Ansar al-Mujahideen forum member and well known online Jihadi called Censored31.

He is a member of the Sharia4(insert place here) crowd. Several members have been arrested for terror related activity Their spokesman Fouad Belkacem was recently convicted along with a another member for violating Belgian hate statues instituted after WWII that were designed to prevent Nazism and persecution of Jews.

You can find more information on our long standing feud with Sharia4Belgium and Censored31 here, here and here.

After the last convictions of members of the group, Censored31's blog was removed and he moved to the Google blogging platform here.

His last post was a graphic Youtube video showing an alleged massacre of Children by the Syrian regime. Inciting hatred with lots of gratuitous graphic images of dead babies is a frequent theme of Censored31's blog.

What bothers me most is that since the attack his blog and twitter feed have not been updated. I would have expected a post praising the attack, or at least some comment.

We will update when we know more about the perpetrator.

Update: They are having trouble identifying the attacker who keeps lying to them about his name and age. Which probably excludes our blogger friend of the act if not the inspiration. He would be known to Belgian authorities.

In other Belgian news, someone drove into a crowd of Police guarding a meeting King Albert and Qatar's ambassador to Belgium. Word is he "wanted to commit suicide. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Update: Censored31 showed up with his glowing praise of both attacks. He clears up that both attacks were by Muslims.

"Bismillah. The Muslim who broke Tuesday morning 8 police motorcyclists before the castle of Laeken was known to the manmade court, but was never convicted. He is a man of Algerian nationality aged 39.
Eight federal police motorcyclists who escorted the Taghoet Ambassador of Qatar and major ally of the West were struck Tuesday morning before the royal palace of King Albert Saksen-Coburg-Saalfeld. Three of them were seriously injured but their lives were no longer in danger on Tuesday evening,
The other Muslim arrested Monday in connection with the attack against the Shiite mosque in Anderlecht "Rida", performed his act in order to frighten the Shiite community present in Belgium. He believes the Shiite community is co-responsible for the genocide in Syria which began one year ago, he said during his hearing.
The Muslim claimed to be Moroccan residing "illegally" in Belgium, but refused to declare his real identity. He said he acted alone and decided this a couple of weeks ago. This proves that mulitculti failed once again in a system called democracy which oppresses the minority on every level (socio-economic, political, media, housing and legal. It might become a hot summer with the upcoming manmade elections and Allah knows best." Censored31 said.
If you have a relative or loved one killed or injured because of Censored31's incitement to murder. Sue Google. They have repeatedly ignored our pleas to remove Censored31's terrorist advocating blog.

And also he claims that Belgian authorities detained him Today Tuesday, but he was later released.

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