February 27, 2012

Youtube Issues Fatwa Against "Thunderfoot"

So this starts out to be "interesting" then it gets a bit more interesting.

Lets take a look at http://www.youtube.com/dawahfilms

Here we have a person, a Muslim, engaged in activism and working to have content removed from Youtube. Content that was critical of his country extradition of a Muslim to face a possible death penalty in Saudi Arabia from apostasy. When someone spoke out against Islam he worked to silence them.

Now take a look at his little channel, "Caution: Scary Muslim At Work..."


Which brings us back to the Eric Allen Bell issue here. Given Asadullahali's history on Jihadtube, I find it highly unlikely that he failed to participate in the Media Matters type character assassination that Loonwatch carried out against Bell, including spreading his personal information around in a lame attempt to hurt Mr. Bell's personal security.

Update: Here is Thunderfoots original documentation of Dawahfilms campaign against him.

I went ahead and asked Dawahfilms a few questions.


So were you
I mean why not ask.


No. I dont even know what you're talking about.
I believe him that he's not Mr3133169 but not that he's never heard of him.


I find that hard to believe. Ever use pastebin?


Whatever you wanna think man, but I really have no idea wht you're talking about.
Good answer....

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