February 23, 2012

Ever Get the Feeling that al-Qaeda Supporting Moroccan Muslims Were Moderating Facebook's Content?

Well actually yes, yes they are.

On Facebook walls around the world, hate speech, crushed limbs and deep flesh wounds are given the go-ahead in terms of what the company allows on the personal profiles of nearly one billion users. Depictions of female nipple bulges, on the other hand — as well as instances of cartoon nudity and even earwax — could land you in hot water if Facebook’s third-party moderators can spot the offenses.
A Morocco native who used to make only pennies a day has come clean with what he learned as an indirect-employee of Facebook, Inc.
Which explains a lot about why counter Jihad activists are incessantly banned , harassed and outed yet Islamist pages including those graphically glorifying Jihad and terrorists remain.

Why does facebook do it that way? Because its cheap to sell out your own country. Like $1 an hour cheap.

And also it explains why all the good boobie pics die, Muslim are fear little, but boobies scare them shitless.

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