February 21, 2012

Eric Allen Bell: 'Loon-At-Large'

A couple of days ago, Howie posted an article about Eric Allen Bell and Loonwatch.com. Howie's initial sources indicated Loonwatch had deliberately pass Bell's "personal information" to some supposed Islamists forums.

Like Howie, I searched around and failed to find any "personal information" posted by Loonwatch.com. However, I did find, in comments, links to an Islamist's facebook page and another poster who claims to have found Bell's given name and birth date. (The actual birth date is not mentioned, but rather noted where it can be found.) I should also mention that the picture Loonwatched used was available at Bell's IMDB page.

So, maybe that is the "personal information" to which Bell initially referred.

All that being said, I thought this interview with Bell was rather interesting and illustrates the leftist agenda in defending Islamist ideology:

Breitbart's video caption:

Eric Allen Bell, who was banned from The Daily Kos and defamed by Loonwatch.com to the Islamic world for his investigations into radical Islam, discusses how initial support for the Arab spring was thwarted when: "I started to pay attention to the news coming out of the Islamic world, and follow what was happening with the Islamist winter, looking at Egypt, Tunisia, other countries starting to go the way of possibly Iran in 1979. So I started to take a deeper look at the truth about Islam and that just kind of turned my whole worldview upside down."

While I don't care at all for Loonwatch, it does appear that the "personal information" posted there, in the article and in comments, was easily located and publicly available.

Update by Howie: Although as we've pointed out most of that information was easy to get and publicly available, even a paranoid has real enemies. The most disturbing post we found was here on Pastebin. On February 14th of 2012 a person described as "guest" posted this information.

I suspect with the right court order whomever posted that information can be revealed. Cross referencing text within the Pastebin post reveals a couple other postings of the same information, but none on Islamist sites.

So was I too skeptical? Maybe, but I don't think so. Skepticism is good. Its what led Eric to actually look beyond the politically correct narrative on Islam. But at this point it seems the main push back against his "awakening" is coming from his former liberal friends at Loonwatch. Ironic no?

Which if you think about it makes Eric Bell's stand all the more admirable. He must have known many of his liberal friends would target him with their brand of character assassination. Yet he spoke out anyway.

It turns out from what I can find that *most if not all his accusations against Loonwatch appear to be factual at this point. My apologies for be so darned stubborn about it but I'm a raw data kind of guy.

*My failure to find English Jihadi references to the Loonwatch article does not mean that there are none in Arabic. Since I find supporting evidence for the rest of his statements I'll take him at his word on that one.

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