February 20, 2012

Pakistan: We Were Hiding bin-Laden Because Er ,Uh, Uh


The Pakistani commission appointed to investigate just how Osama bin Laden came to be living in Abbottabad, in a large house adjacent to Pakistan's military academy (a house built by an architect regularly employed by the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, according to a report from David Ignatius) appears to be struggling to reach a credible conclusion, and has already blown past its deadline:

....Part of the reason the commission may be late in releasing its findings is that it has spent a great deal of time investigating Pakistanis accused of aiding the Americans in their raid on Abbottabad, rather than on finding out who was hiding Bin Laden. A prime target of this witchhunt has been the now-former Pakistani ambassador in Washington, Husain Haqqani, who stood accused of issuing visas to American intelligence and military personnel. The charge is absurd and baroque on its face, of course; The Pakistanis are, officially at least, cooperating with the U.S. in the fight against al Qaeda (unofficially, elements of the ISI are supporting organizations that kill Americans in Afghanistan), and Pakistan's military budget is underwritten by the American taxpayer, so naturally there is a great deal of military traffic between the U.S. and Pakistan.

Which brings up Rusty's post last week in which the ISI's Taliban lapdogs admit they support and protect al-Qaeda, even going to the point of admitting full co-operation and allegiance between al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

So if you add all this up it tends to bring up the rather uncomfortable truth. Pakistani intelligence was behind 9/11. Look a bit deeper into who funds the radical ideology and Islamic schools and it leads to Saudi Salafis.

No wonder they are having such a hard time making up an excuse.

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