February 19, 2012

North Korea Stops Paying Bills of Kim Jong Nam

(Moscow, Russia) A Russian magazine reports that Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of the late Kim Jong-il, has been kicked out of his fancy-schmancy hotel in the casino gambling mecca of Macao due to insufficient funds. Kim owes $15,000.

According to the local authorities, Kim’s living expenses are paid by an intelligence organization of China while his entertainment expenses had been paid with remittances from North Korea. Recently, however, he faced a shortage of funds for entertaining.

An official of the hotel said, “He (Kim) presented a gold card. But it was declined.”

As for his younger brother, Jong Un, who became the North Korean leader after the death of Jong Il in December, Kim Jong Nam recently said, “He (Jong Un) will not be able to maintain his leadership for long.”

Because of the remark, the editor in chief suspects that North Korea stopped remitting money to Kim Jong Nam, the weekly magazine said.

The statement that younger brother Kim Jong Un won't be around very long might be due to the fact he suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. In any event, it appears Kim Jong Nam is predicting he'll soon take over as North Korean leader.

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