February 18, 2012

Fracking: It's not Just a Swear Word for Geeks

Here's a link to a post by Joy McCann on how the natural gas boom is helping blue collar workers. Which reminds me of something Ace has been saying over the past few weeks and which normally I don't comment about, but, hey, it's Saturday and I need a break from this conference paper I'm writing.

The Left's policies are, to a large extent, about subsidizing the wealthy (eg, electric cars) at the expense of the working class.

The attack on the nation's latest energy boom -- the use of fracking to extract cheaper natural gas -- is just that. Well paid quasi-eco-snobs who have no clue where their electricity comes from and who believe, erroneously, that if we'd just all use solar and wind power then everything would be just fine.

Never mind that such sources of energy are much more expenses then the less "clean" alternatives.

Meh, let the peasants eat cake.

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