February 18, 2012

Good News: Syrian Opposition Now Flying al Qaeda Flag

The "Al-Bara' bin Malik Brigade" of the Free Syrian Army pose in front of their newly adopted flag on al Jazeera.


Yeah, that's al Qaeda's flag.

Hooray Arab Spring!

Thanks to @IbnSiqilli

UPDATE: Aaron over at al-Wasat has a great post about this as well as the original video. He concludes:

The establishment of the FSA’s al-Bara’ ibn Malik Martyrs Brigade should give pause to talk of blindly arming the FSA as an alternative to the failed resolutions in the UN Security Council. That said, it is believed the FSA is a loose confederation without much centralization and therefore this battalion is most likely independent and doing its own thing. With the news of the potential release of Abu Mus’ab al-Suri, the creation of a new local jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusrah, and reports of a foreign fighter from Kuwait being killed in Syria, it is clear Syria has become another important front in the jihadi war.
He also notes, rightly, that despite this the Syrian regime is a supporter of terror abroad. So, replacing the Baathist regime -- even if it leads to a little chaos -- might not be the worst thing.

For instance, despite Libya having become an armed camp run by thugs, at least the man responsible for the murder of hundred of American civilians is gone. You won't see me shedding any tears for that.

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