February 16, 2012

"Shariah4Belgium" Leaders Sentenced


Censored31's buddies have been sentenced one and two years each for threats made in a YouTube video against an anti-immigration party . You're next Censored31:

The spokesman of the "Islamic fundamentalist organisation Sharia4Belgium" has been sentenced to two years in prison and also fined 550 euros, Belgian media reported Friday.

Fouad Belkacem received the maximum sentence from a judge in the Belgian city of Antwerp while another defendant got a one year sentence.

They faced charges in connection with a video film in which they issued death threats to several leaders of the far right Belgian Vlaams Belang party.

Their videos are still up at YouTube here. Notice that they fly the flag of al Qaeda while giving lectures (vidcap above).

Which should surprise no one since their buddy Censored31's book is entitled al Qaeda Rising.

H/T: Howie, who is fired.

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