February 14, 2012

Thanks Anonymous: Kabul CIA Station Chief Outed, Jihadis Already Posting Name of "War Criminal"

Someone from the notorious hacking group Anonymous claims to have used open source material to identify the CIA station chief in Kabul (I won't link the source). Of course, the group is just worried about the US government being too "secretive", hence the outing.

Truth above all else!

But within 24 hours the meme had made it to jihadi websites with connections to al Qaeda and other violent groups.

Here's a screenshot of one of them, but with the name of the CIA station chief and other information which might assist those wishing him harm blacked out.


Thanks Anonymous, you've just written this man's death warrant!

And if Anonymous is wrong about the station chief's name? Well, he's either dead or you've just ruined his career.

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