February 03, 2012

Darwinian Tourism Still Thrives In Egypt

I guarantee these two women were Obama supporters. I have no doubt, they went to Egypt to experience the country's new-found freedom and democracy.

Two American tourists were kidnapped at gunpoint Friday in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula by Bedouin tribesmen, security sources said.

A group of masked gunmen held up a tourist bus in south Sinai, snatching the two Americans, both women, and their local guide before taking off, AFP reported. (Source)

Enjoy your stay, ladies! I have no doubt these Islamic militants will treat you, as women and as captives, with all the respect and mercy Muhammad taught.

Update: It is being reported they have been released. Let's hope they learned a valuable lesson. Many parts of the world are not a safe place for foreigners. We, living in America, tend to take security for granted. Travel the world, enjoy your life. Just use a little common sense.

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