February 02, 2012

Moon Conspiracy: Photos Show Airplane on the Moon

I thought I'd beat the wackos. NASA just released new images of the dark side of the moon. Right away I noticed something unusual.

There is an AIRPLANE on the moon! It appears NASA over-looked this when it photoshopped out the alien moon bases!

(Click Image For NASA's Original Image)

Clearly there's a conspiracy. How else would a 747 end up on the dark side of the moon?

Below the fold, Howie noticed a few anomalies as well.

(Click to Enlarge)

Update by Howie: Oh we forgot to add the video that show's the entire far side. You can even hear the space aliens' radio station.

And if you really want to geek out dig these cool lunar maps of the near and far and from the poles. Way cool.

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