January 30, 2012

CAIRNational Hearts Noted Jihadi Youtuber Mr3133169

Ironic Surrealism:

CAIR should have looked before they leaped to tarnish Canadian Troops, by way of an Islamic jihadi propaganda video.

In fact Ibrahim Hooper (spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in D.C.) is furious that Canadian Troops were laughing while destroying Taliban weapons by blowing up a building in Afghanistan housing a weapons cache.


Reading the post we find out that the video is owned by one Mr3133169.

Mr3133169 is a popular Jiahdist user and al-Qaeda supporter on Youtube. Although he's smarter than your average Muj in that he's careful about how he goes about his Jihad. Skirting the very edges of Youtube's TOS.

He's also an important social node in the online Jihadi network along with his friend JihadiPrincess AKA BlackEyedLioness AKA MujahidahBonita1 out of Jakarta. This person recently dropped me some love mail on my channel

stupid christian reporter...FALLUJAH Is hell for dirty nasty cross worhipper. hahahhaha HAILFALLUJAH send cross worhippers to hell.btw how is it worshipping ass on the cross?bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhah­ah must be smell like rotten pig from hell
my brave bros roasted your dancing donkeys (crussaders) again lol..dig some more graves howie. and have some HAILFALLUJAH
how coward you are,jajajja lol do you think you can stop me? keep dreaming,i spread all jihadis video all over internet jajajja
Stop her? Well I like to annoy her, but why shit your favorite turd?

So as you can see Mujahadidah is much less subtle about things, but if you look in her comments on her BlackEyedLioness channel who do we find advising and assisting her? Why Mr3133169 of course.


So these aren't exactly your run of the mill moderate Islamists that CAIRNational is reading now is it?

Hat Tip: Smackdown.

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