January 10, 2012

Jewish Plot to Make Omar Bakri Mohammad's Daughter Look Like a Stripper

In an interview with the London based Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Aswat, the exiled radical preacher Omar Bakri Mohammad denied the legal charges against him that he was a leader of al Qaeda in Lebanon, while encouraging Sunnis to support the "mujahideen" in their fight against "occupation". He also noted that he continued to teach his followers in the US and Britain through the internet.

But most noteworthy of all is he denial that his daughter, Yasmin Fostok, had rebelled against his conservative brand of Islam to become a London stripper. You see, it's all a Jewish plot to make the al Qaeda supporter look bad:

[Asharq Al-Awsat] What about reports in the British press about the issue of the delinquency of your daughter, and that she works in a nightclub?

[Bakri] This is a fabricated lie and a falsehood against me, my sons, and honourable and veiled daughters. It is fabricated by some British Jewish media organs that harbour malice against the Islamic callers. There is no doubt that the western media fights the call for God, because of this media's malicious crusading viewpoint. The Arab media copies from the western media. This is in addition to the falsehoods of some of Rafidah [pejorative term used to describe Shiites by their opponents] Shiite newspapers, and Lebanese secular newspapers. They are promoting these lies to damage my dignity and the sincerity of my call. This has become exposed, and no one repeats or accepts it other than the naive defeatists.

Right, Omar, it's all a Jewish plot to discredit Muslims.

By the way, isn't that your daughter pictured above wearing next to nothing and clinging to her fun bags in a strip club? Why yes, it is. Joooooooooos!

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