December 31, 2011

Will The EFF or Director Jillian C. York Condemn Silverstein Now?

Update: Blackfive's Laughing_Wolf contacted the EFF and got a very odd response. Read about it here.

Aussie Dave is no longer an anonymous blogger. Dick Silverstein finally achieved his desperate goal. It must be the highlight of his immature, pathetic blogging career.

While having Aussie Dave's identity and location exposed is most certainly a serious issue - especially to Dave and his family - I can't help wondering about an even larger issue that affects everyone who blogs under pseudonyms. A director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is an organization claiming to be dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of bloggers who want to remain anonymous, stood idly by while Silverstein went on his obsessive witch hunt. Even more disturbing is that Jillian C. York seemed to encourage Silverstein. She commented, "Oh good" when assured that Aussie Dave's real name had been leaked. Jillian posted this about that comment:

A blogger, who has been blogging anonymously for nearly ten years, does not make the rookie mistakes of a) putting his address on Facebook and b) linking his real life Facebook page to his anonymous blog. I pointed this out to Silverstein (in fewer words), who claimed that the information was trustworthy and had been emailed to him, and that the blogger had inadvertently connected his blog to his Facebook page. To the latter, I commented, “Oh good” and left it at that.

What Jillian did not do was discourage Silverstein. She took the time to question the validity of the initial information. She commented on both Silverstein's blog and Facebook page. She took the time to tweet about Aussie Dave, calling him an "asshole." She even took the time to stop by Aussie Dave's IsraellyCool blog and bleat that a blogger who inadvertently ("idiotically" she called it) outs himself is "fair game."

What she didn't do was help defend a blogger who made it clear he wanted to remain anonymous. She didn't take any time to ask Silverstein to reconsider his quest to expose an anonymous blogger, even though she made comments at both blogs. In fact, I haven't seen even one word of condemnation from Jillian toward what Silverstein did. She didn't uphold the principles of the EFF.

Instead, she is still making excuses and placing the blame squarely on Dave.

Completely giving Jillian C. York the benefit of doubt about her "oh good" comment, I still have to question her integrity when she made it so abundantly clear during the fracas she doesn't like Aussie Dave or, judging from her support of Palestine, his pro-Israel stance. But we have yet to hear how she feels about Silverstein, who instigated the whole mess, and who also happens to be very pro-Palestinian.

But she assures us it had nothing to do with politics.

Oh good.

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