December 30, 2011

Religion of Peace Roundup: EOY Edition

Muslim villagers burn houses of Christian family Upper Egypt.

Muslim baby adopted to prevent 'honor killing,' UK judges rule

Christian Convert, Mother of Three Murdered Dumped in Canal in Christmas Eve.

Attorney Loses Law License for Smuggling Muslim's Hit List of Witnesses.

You're white? Christian? Fired!

Appeals court upholds convictions of 5 from NJ for plotting to kill members of military.

Nail Polish is Haram. Even clear polish?

Maldives shuts down spa resorts over 'anti-Islamic' activities...

Sunni Islam is the official religion in the Maldives and practising any other faith is forbidden.

The protesters also want the authorities to ban the sale of alcohol, shut down brothels they say are operating in the guise of massage parlours and demolish monuments that they see as idols.

They also wanted to halt a plan to allow direct flights to Israel.

Sweden goes full multicultural retard.
Three men charged with plotting to kill Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist who depicted Islam's Prophet Muhammad as a dog, were released Wednesday by a court ahead of its verdict announcement.
Jihad against the Free World from the Center for American Progress....

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