December 29, 2011

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein PWND! (Updated & Bumped)

UPDATE: Richard Silverstein has finally admitted he was duped:

Yesterday, I reported in a post that I believed I had exposed the real identity of Aussie Dave, author of the Israellycool blog. It appears that he invented a fake identity in order to perpetrate a hoax on me. It boggles the mind that he went to the immense amount of trouble he did to perpetrate this hoax. It tells you how much free time he has on his hands to engage in all the subterfuge that was necessary to fool me. It tells you precious little about me, but quite a lot about him.

Notice Dick isn't the least bit apologetic for exposing what he thought was the identity of a Pro-Israel, anti-Jihad blogger, which could have put Aussie Dave in very real danger. Instead, Dick appears almost disappointed and resentful he failed in exposing Aussie Dave's real name and actual home address.

Dave thinks he’s a genius because I [sic] fooled me. What he doesn’t realize is that in his blog post, he proudly admits that he created a hoax Facebook account for a non-existent person using the photo of a real person, a clear violation of Facebook rules.

OMG, Dave! Now you're in trouble! He's reporting you to Facebook! You thought the threats from Jihadists were bad, wait until Mark Zuckerberg finds you!

You are filth, Dick. The fact you would deliberately put another blogger in danger over petty cyber-bickering says a whole precious lot about you. Not to mention your credibility.

Shame on you.

And shame on Jillian York of EFF for not making even the slightest effort to protect a vulnerable blogger. Did you, Jillian, say "Don't post his private information, Richard"? Did you say, "Maybe it was a mistake, don't make it worse"? No. You said, "Oh good."

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Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli blogger Richard Silverstein is breaking his arms patting himself on the back for exposing the "real" name and address of a pro-Israel blogger, Aussie Dave. Dave set up a fake Facebook page and then "accidentally" linked it to one of his posts:

For years, I have been posting about his hatred for Israel and nastiness, which makes a mockery of his blog’s name Tikkun Olam (“Repairing/Healing the World”). Recently, he was cited by the mainstream media, due to his posts blaming Israel and the Mossad for explosions in Iran and Lebanon, as well as for leaking online some FBI surveillance transcripts of conversations caught on F.B.I. wiretaps of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Although I have demonstrated on numerous occasions the inaccuracies in his posts, I knew I had to step things up a notch to really show how unreliable and careless with the facts he is.

So I set a trap. I asked a friend of the blog to approach Silverstein with “proof” of my real identity, knowing how much he wanted to reveal it to the world. In order to make it believable, I inserted an “easter egg” into this Silverstein-related post.

Silverstein took the bait and gleefully posted the fake personal contact information, despite the fact that such exposure would put any pro-Israel, anti-Jihad blogger in real danger.

Not cool, Dick.

Read more about it here. Be sure to read the updates, as it gets even more disturbing. Jillian York, the Director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation - an organization I supported until now, is apparently happy Silverstein is endangering a blogger.

Screen shot below the fold in case, after he takes a break from patting himself on the back, Silverstein realizes he's been duped and tries to flush the post down the internet memory hole.

silverstein pwnd screenshot.jpg
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