December 23, 2011

Muslim Man Attacks Nurse For Removing Wife's Veil During Emergency

Apparently, his wife's modesty is much more important than her life. Go figure...

A Muslim man has been jailed in France for punching a nurse who tried to remove his wife's burqa during an emergency C-section.

Nassim Mimoune, 24, was earlier banned from the delivery room after calling a midwife a "rapist" when she tried to perform an intimate examination on his wife in a Marseille hospital on Monday, La Provence newspaper reported.

The pregnant woman, who had been having contractions for two days when she was admitted, begged her husband to allow the examination, but he threatened her with divorce.

Mimoune, a construction worker from Paris, was then taken away to view the childbirth from another room, but flew into a rage when he saw the nurse removing his wife's burqa.

He smashed open the locked door of the operating room and punched the woman in the face, telling her to replace his wife's Islamic veil. (Source)

Remember, you must respect him.

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