December 23, 2011

Being A Slut Not Illegal

wild sue.jpg
Susan Finkelstein

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) In October 2009, 43-year-old Susan Finkelstein, a self-described "buxom blonde," sought World Series tickets via an ad on Craigslist. In exchange, she was willing to perform sex acts.

An undercover officer responded to the ad and ultimately arrested Finkelstein for prostitution. She was convicted and sentenced to one year of probation. Finkelstein's lawyer appealed the case.

This week, Finkelstein's conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Superior Court on the basis that "it's not illegal to be a slut." According to the court, Finkelstein's behavior didn't rise to the level of prostitution. The tickets-for-sex deal was merely "private illicit sexual relations."(More.)

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