December 22, 2011

GOP Seeks To Destroy The Great American Pastime Of 'Pizza Night'

Pizza night - the foundation of any family - may be threatened if payroll taxes are increased. The payroll tax would add up to around $40 a month for a family earning $50,000 a year. Sadly, that means a typical family will have to get by on 4 fewer pizzas a month which would destroy the family unit because, apparently, that's the only way some families can be together.


From (emphasis mine):

One day after the White House asked "working" people to "tell us what your family will give up if your (payroll) taxes increase," the stories are rolling in, including one from a person who worried about not having enough to pay the cable bill -- or continue family pizza nights.

"Our cable internet bill is $49 per month. If we lose this payroll tax cut then we will have to give up either (our) internet access or possibly our 'Friday Family Pizza' night. Either way, we will lose something that brings us together as a family," wrote "K.Z" from Frederick, Maryland.

Another concerned tax-payer said he'd be forced to choose between his life-saving insulin and pizza night. A mom lamented the tax increase would mean either providing school lunches for her twins or pizza night.

I never thought I'd live to see an America without pizza night.

Queen First Lady Michelle "Let Them Eat Carrots" Obama has a pizza party while vacationing in Hawaii

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