December 19, 2011

Thanks, Barack!

Egypt protesters beaten.jpg

As brutal as Egypt was before, nothing compares to the new Egyptian democracy, courtesy of the Obama Administration.

I'm really torn over the whole issue. On the one hand, it horrifies me to see such images. People should have the freedom to peacefully protest. They should have a certain amount of freedom to control their own lives.

On the other hand, did these people honestly believe Sharia law and the path leading to it would be more humane, more just than secular law? Can they really be so blind as to think replacing a Western-compliant government with a hardline Islamic regime would have benefited them? After 1400 years, there is still no peaceful, free Islamic nation. What is it about this past year that made people believe all that could change?

There's the old saying, 'be careful what you ask for - you may just get it.' These people asked for change. Unfortunately, they were so deceived by religion, they couldn't see what change was coming.

And the worst is yet to come.

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