December 09, 2011

Muslims Sue Hertz For Paid Prayer Breaks

But not just for paid prayer breaks. Included in the lawsuit are accusations of speaking too "harshly" to Muslims and "peering" at Muslimahs for no reason (all emphasis mine):

Hertz rental car company, facing a religious discrimination suit by 25 fired Muslim drivers, said on Thursday it would "vigorously defend" itself in a dispute involving prayer breaks at its Seattle airport office.

Hertz says the drivers, all of them Somali natives, refused to clock in and out for the 10-minute paid breaks they took twice daily, as required under their union contract, and abused their breaks by failing to return to work promptly. [...]

Besides Hertz, the lawsuit names two Hertz managers as defendants, accusing them of addressing Muslim workers in a harsh tone, peering into the women's designated prayer space for no reason and banging on the women's restroom door.

Hertz is vowing to fight the lawsuit, and in some ways, the implementation of dhimmitude in America.

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

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