November 22, 2011

Naser Abdo: I Planned to Execute my Commanding Officer at Ft. Campbell, Too

"Conscientious objector" and poster boy of the anti-war left and Muslims claiming the military is rife with "Islamophobia", Naser Abdo, admits in this recorded conversation that he planned to carry out attacks at Fort Hood like his hero Nidal Hasan. But he also planned to attack at Fort Campbell.

You'll notice that he laughs when asked if he planned the attacks and then goes on to detail how he planned to kidnap one of his commanding officers who had been to Afghanistan, and then video tape his execution. Apparently Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was also one of his inspirations.

Another revelation is that he had attempted to recruit two other to join him for jihad. It makes you wonder who were the other men he attempted to recruit, did he know them from online connections, and did they report this to law enforcement?

What's been bugging me is that although we have at least three domestic terrorist cases being argued in court this week and another half a dozen or more awaiting trial, that I've seen none of this make anything like headline news in the national media. Meanwhile over at CNN this morning they devoted 5 minutes to a kid who was killed for being gay. A tragedy, yes, but that happens once every, what, five or ten years?

I'd say that being an Islamist terrorist is no longer news worthy as it has become such a common occurrence, but I suspect that the MSM doesn't push these stories to the front because they fear that you cretins are such Islamophobes that you'd lynch the closest Muslim. Which has happened, what, zero times since 9/11?

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