November 21, 2011

Google Helped Would-be Terrorist

Here's some more info on Jose Pimental, who was charged over the weekend with attempting to construct bombs to be uses in acts of terror, that I thought might be useful to pass along.

NY Post article by Intelwire's JM Berger:

But reading Inspire was the least of Pimentel's online activities. He maintained a massive website on Blogger and a YouTube channel featuring hundreds of radical works.

The website connects to Pimentel's YouTube channel, which was similarly thorough, collecting more than 600 videos relating to radical and violent interpretations of Islam including 60 he uploaded himself. As of this writing, his channel had more than 1,500 subscribers.

Both Blogger and YouTube are owned by Google. And Pimentel's site is just the tip of a very large iceberg of terrorist content hosted by Google.

There's much much more about the radicals using Google owned platforms to distribute their propaganda online, so read it all. I'd say more, but after nearly seven years of making the same point I really don't have much to add.

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