November 18, 2011

#Occupy Poster Boy Assaulted Police


The newest poster boy of the #Occupy movement repeatedly assaulted police before being arrested. His injury was the result of his resisting arrest:

Mr. Watts climbed up on a wall inside Zuccotti Park and began throwing objects at officers outside the barricade along Liberty Street, starting with pieces of a plastic pen. He then threw a AAA battery, and motioned to officers that he was ready to fight. The officers ignored him.

Mr. Watts went up to the officers, grabbed the barrier between him and them and began pushing and kicking it, shoving it against the officers. Mr. Watts grabbed a deputy inspector’s hat and ran back into the park. The officers ran after him. He resisted arrest, kicking officers, and when he was brought down, he struck his head, causing bleeding. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he was treated but not admitted.

It is also reported that Mr. Watts has been arrested multiple times since the #Occupy protests began back in September. Apparently, the slap on the wrist these protesters are receiving simply isn't getting the message through.

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