November 18, 2011

Media Ignoring Sexual Assaults At #Occupy Protests

Statistics indicate 2 out of 3 rapes go unreported by the victims. So, using that statistic, we can safely assume that for every rape we hear about, two other rapes have occurred but the victim was too fearful or too humiliated to come forward.

But add into the mix a social system that actively discourages victims from reporting rapes and a media that refuses to acknowledge the fact that crime ever took place, you now have, not only a presumably higher statistic of unreported rapes, but also culpability. Just as it is a crime to harbor a felon, the leaders of the #Occupy movement and the media should be held accountable for harboring rapists and covering up the crimes they have committed.

In this video from Adam Sharp (via Gateway Pundit), St Louis PD Sgt Gary Wiegert discusses the assault and why it could have been prevented:

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