November 17, 2011

172nd Infantry Brigade 160 United Taliban of Losers 0


Twice in the span of a month, the Taliban has unleashed human waves on one of the U.S. Army’s most isolated Afghan outposts. Twice, the American soldiers guarding the tiny fort have beat back the attackers, killing scores of extremists while suffering no losses of their own.
The best part
Once the shooting starts, the Taliban know they probably have only a few minutes before the Apache helicopters and Air Force jet fighters arrive overhead and unleash Hell. “When fighters arrive on station, the insurgents can’t run away fast enough,” said Capt. DeShane Greaser, commander of the Margah troops.

...The air support arrived just in time, Greaser said. “There was a vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device heading to the COP and after the first bombs hit we got reports that the enemy said, ‘We’re turning around, there are jets overhead.”‘


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