November 16, 2011

Noted Austrian Extremist Goes to Germany in Search of Compatriots in Fatherland

Image courtesy O-Jihad

Like a young Adolph Hitler (whom I'm sure he greatly admires), Mohammad Mahmoud -- a convicted terrorist and founding member of the Global Islamic Media Foundation [GIMF] -- has left Austria in order to seek a unified front with extremists in Germany:

Its likely that officials from the Austrian Ministry of Interior are everything but sad due to the departure of a particular person of interest: Mohamed M., who was convicted for membership in a terrorist organization to a four years prison term and released in September 2011, left Vienna. The 26-year-old Austrian with Egyptian roots left Austria for Berlin to be a founding member of the oranisation Millatu Ibrahim, introducing a new website on November 7th.

He first appeared in the german capital at the end of October. On October 26th, he attracted attention from German media after he and a handful of Islamists picked up Hani N. and Samir M. , two terror-suspects, as they were released from custody. In their apartment investigators found chemicals which are suitable for manufacturing explosives.

Apparently Mahmoud has achieved celebrity status within the German speaking jihad community, and since his release he's been making the rounds.

For a discussion of the new website, see this thread at the Internet Haganah forum.

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