November 16, 2011

CAIR: If You Don't Support Terrorists You're a Bad Muslim

Jihad Watch:

Both Omar Jamal and Abdirizak Bihi are Muslims. But CAIR's Minnesota chapter attacked them over their involvement with a seminar on Somali culture and their communities in America held Thursday in St. Paul. It was sponsored by the Center for Somalia History Studies, an organization founded earlier this year by former Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher.

...One subject in particular incurred CAIR's wrath. It was entitled, "Al Shabaab: An Islamic Extremist Terrorism Organization." Al-Shabaab is an al-Qaida affiliate.

CAIR and nearly 30 other groups, ranging from the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society to local mosques and Somali community organizations, complained that the description of al-Shabaab "fails to distinguish between Islam and terrorism."

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