November 15, 2011

Boston Blogger "Sought Terror Training"

Tarek Mehanna says he was going to Yemen to seek "religous education". Of course, we've heard that one before from Samir Khan who's "religious education" ended up getting him killed while riding in al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki's car.

So, if you're buying that he was just going to Yemen to lean more about Islamic Law, I've got a bridge that I can sell you dirt cheap.

The defense in the case is still promoting the idea that Mehanna's pro-al Qaeda propaganda mill was somehow protected speech. But it gets worse as they now seem to have shifted to an argument that if one doesn't support suicide attacks against civilians then one is, by definition, not a supporter of terrorism.

So, one might support al Qaeda and yet not support some of it's tactics and this means that one doesn't support terror? It's like being a Hitler supporting Nazi against the holocaust. I'm not sure how that works, exactly:

A former friend of Tarek Mehanna told a jury in federal court yesterday that he brought the Sudbury native and two of his associates to Logan International Airport in 2004, so they could travel to Yemen to train in a terrorist camp.

Mehanna had believed “there was an obligation for Muslims to stand up and fight against the invasion in Iraq and US forces in Iraq,’’ Hassan Masood said, testifying yesterday in Mehanna’s terrorism trial in US District Court in Boston....

Prosecutors say that Mehanna and Abousamra ultimately failed to find a terrorist camp in Yemen, but that Mehanna returned home with a newfound dedication to distribute materials and videos promoting violent jihad on the Internet, to help promote Al Qaeda’s ideology....

Masood acknowledged under Carney’s questioning that while Abousamra had extreme views, Mehanna often had scholarly texts with him, and that he cited Islamic law in their discussions.

Mehanna, for instance, opposed suicide bombings and called them a last resort, because of the potential to hurt innocent civilians. But he supported attacking military targets to defend Muslims, including US military targets on foreign soil, Masood said.

I'm sure it's a great consolation to our troops that Mehanna, an American citizen, supported killing them.

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