November 10, 2011

Noted Fan of Beheading Hostages Also Fan of #OWS
Update: Red on Red Flame War! "Jawa Really Spooked You Out"

Yousef al-Khattab quoted in al Qaeda's Inspire magazine

Guess who supports the #Occupy movement? None other than Yousef al-Khattab, busy spinning away his former support of terrorism -- and yes, even of beheading civilian hostages -- by warning the #Occupy movement not to let crazies speak for them. You know, like white supremacists and Jews. Unsavory types like that.

UPDATED/Bumped Nov 11, 2011: Ha, I didn't notice this part at the end of the MEMRI report. It notes a flame war going on in the comments section of Yousef's support #OWS video. In it, one of Yousef's former friends who still hangs out at the Islamic Awakening forum has it out with him. And we get a mention:

YousefRants: "I suggest that you make Mubahala on your theory since you have posted it on IA [ed: Islamic Awakening Forum]. That is the best way to conclude. So to sum up in reality the whole RM [ed: Revolution Muslim] amirship that Younes [ed: Younes Abdullah Muhammad, the jailed co-founder of Revolution Muslim] asked me to take when I did not want it was a mistake. The soldier video and repost of the Tuskin Raiders [ed note: He actually thought the Daniel Pearl beheading video was funny. Here's the post on the video] both were done b4 RM & I had told Younes I was to high profile & flamboyant for his academic message. The author of the Juice is a member of IA forum and very well respected in ur circles. I suggest u troll him" ...

[ed: Vidcap from Daniel Pearl/Tusken Raiders video. Notice the jawa?]

YousefRants: "I remember and still have the the Liberty movie picture with me smiling (not illegal),Tee Juice was your buddy from Queens and another young man that held similar views as you. I have a pic of me with a knife to a box of Jooz brand Orange Juice (not illegal), the mocking of a occupation soldier was me and that was pre RM and that was not illegal, the Daniel Pearl video I found on Youtube and reposted it the original is still up today (not illegal). The JDO [ed: Jewish Defense Organization] & Jawa never scared me."

AbdulMumeet1970: "so you dont remember posing in front of a picture of the statue of liberty being cut with an axe while having a sarcastic smile on your face or the so called "Kill the Juice" nonsense and your low budget Daniel Pearl mockery, I dont think the ADL liked that one, .Oh how can i forget how you tortured a doll pretending it was an American soldier. Come on man, :) looks like the JDO and Jawa really spooked you out. Some mujahid you were. Maybe you should have behaved yourself"


Thanks to Star for bringing that to my attention.

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