November 08, 2011

Why Liberals Hate E-Cigarettes

NY Times:

If you want a truly frustrating job in public health, try getting people to stop smoking. Even when researchers combine counseling and encouragement with nicotine patches and gum, few smokers quit.

But thereís a powerful group working against this innovation ó and itís not Big Tobacco. Itís a coalition of government officials and antismoking groups who have been warning about the dangers of e-cigarettes and trying to ban their sale.

Because it was never about your health it was about control over the little people. Because we're the government, we know best.

E-cigarettes bypass all this. So they've lost the control element. You've escaped the little track they had you on. And they can't have that now can they?

And I'm not even a fan of E-cigs, to me they are like little crack pipes piping in nico-crack. But to each his own.

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