November 04, 2011

Men's Wearhouse, Before And After

Before, showing solidarity with the #OccupyOakland protesters:


And after:


Apparently, the sign didn't work. #OccupyOakland protesters still destroyed the window on November 2nd. The question is, did Men's Wearhouse take the sign down because it no longer supported the movement? That's unlikely.

Probably the best explanation is by The Prudence Paine Papers:

Why would they take down the sign, when leaving it up would have shown their continued solidarity with rioting anti-capitalists?

Perhaps Menís Wearhouse didnít want to shame its uncouth, uncivilized comrades. Perhaps it wants to act as if it never cast its lot with the barbarians. Those people are gonna need a lot more than a new suit to take their place in polite society.

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